Fox River Fiber—Technology helps retain our leadership position

Equipment and processes that set Fox River Fiber apart

Fox River Fiber continues our long-term vision and focus on customers, teamwork, and quality by investing in new equipment. Our goal is to provide quality products and service for our customers. That involves trialing new technologies, improving customer relationships, and looking for new innovative ways to recycle wastepaper into quality pulp.

Proprietary production process
Raw Materials—The Fox River Fiber facility receives deliveries from collection companies: from office wastepapers to milk cartons, siliconized paper, and other paper bound for landfills. We grade it for quality and blend into the system.

Manufacturing Process—We remove contaminants (glues, adhesives, inks, inorganic fillers, plastics, metal, etc.), which can affect the quality of the finished product. We produce high quality wet lap pulp using state-of-the-art equipment and innovative techniques.

Finished Product—Our finished product is shipped as wet lap bales.

Our paper pulp process
Pulping—a pulper separates post-consumer paper contaminants and fibers
Detrashing—large screen removes large contaminants
Cleaning, washing, and disperging—aggressive steps to remove ash, stickies, and other contaminants
Screening—fine screens removes small particles
Peroxide bleaching—stripping color from dyes and inks, increases brightness
Flotation—dirt and stickies removed from the fiber
Finished pulp—pulp is sheeted, baled, and shipped