Fox River Fiber—Our team concept brings it all together

Associates who know recycled pulp, inside and out

Recognizing that all our associates are leaders, Fox River Fiber incorporates a structure that continuously serves the needs of our customers by taking advantage of our collective strengths and experiences. Decision-making rests with those people who know the process and the product.

At Fox River Fiber, we understand our actions and performance are a direct reflection of our culture. When we care about our associates, provide them with guiding principles, and help them develop skills to successfully handle challenges, we’re establishing a culture of excellence. As we create a unique and dynamic culture, we also create a dynamic organization.

A dynamic organization creates excellent paper pulp


  • Provide vision
  • Ensure long-term economic viability of the company
  • Channel resources towards a culture of excellence


  • Commitment to associate principles
  • Development of life skills and job skills
  • Focus resources on overall satisfaction of life/work balance


  • Commitment to each others’ success
  • Commitment to growth
  • Be accountable and care
  • Communicate effectively


  • Organization is designed for successful results for the customer and the company
  • Decisions are made at the most appropriate level for organizational success


  • Do what’s right
  • Decision-makers are skilled at utilizing organizational resources effectively
  • Revolutionize processes