Paper pulp quality continues to improve.

Recycled pulp quality to match your needs

Not every mill has the same quality need for paper pulp. Whether it’s writing paper, tissue paper, or even FDA compliant pulp, it’s our job to work with you to develop and deliver the exact quality level you need.

Printing and writing pulp
We produce high quality, high brightness (85 UV excluded), high freeness, and low florescence ECF pulp. Our products offer the lowest levels of dirt and stickies within the industry, allowing our customers to add up to 100% post consumer content into their products.

Tissue pulp
We produce high quality tissue that provides high strength and superior performance due to our low levels of dirt and stickies.
FDA compliant pulp
We maintain our high quality standards while destroying fluorescence to provide you a FDA compliant product.

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Our logistics makes shipping easy
Bale dimensions: 42” wide X 32” long X 50” tall. Truckloads are 30 bales delivering 16.5 ADST in state, and 24 bales delivering 13.5 ADST out of state. Railcar shipments are available delivering 57 ADST to the continental United States and Canada.