Fox River Fiber—a rich, respected history

Decades of teamwork. Tons of success.

“We take care of our customers through responsible action.”

Companies often spend many hours and much effort creating a vision statement that’s quickly forgotten. At Fox River Fiber, ours has been a focal point for years and continues to inspire us to grow. Production capacity has increased every year by an average of 5%. What was once 34 associates producing 200 tons of market deink pulp per day has exploded to over 50 associates producing 400 tons.

Fox River Fiber’s long-term success is due to four main factors.

1) Our people. Associate empowerment is a daily focus as we address organizational development and work toward an excellent culture. That includes making safety a top priority and providing associates with the opportunity to grow as individuals and valued team members.

2) Our process. The right people are only as effective as the process they use to get their work done. Fox River Fiber believes in timely capital spending and regular investments in equipment upgrades. For instance, our entire process is computer controlled for maximum efficiency.

3) Our hunger. Innovation. Vision. Continuous improvement. All of these are possible when forward-thinking people are supported by leading edge technology, allowing Fox River Fiber to improve our product quality as demand and production grow.

4) Our responsibility. Being a quality leader shouldn’t come at a price to the environment. Since our beginning, we’ve reduced water consumption, electric, and overall energy per ton of pulp produced. So far: 2,300,000 tons of waste paper have been processed, which equates to 26,800,000 trees saved.